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Calm Birth Meditation

Calm Birth Meditation is an excellent way to have a positive birth experience and a shorter labour. Through guided meditation, Fear-Release techniques, and breathing exercises, I will help you to reduce fear, anxiety, and tension in all types of births. The calming effects of Calm Birth Meditation can also help ensure a calm and healthy baby.

Meditation has amazing physical, mental and emotional benefits during pregnancy and birth. Plus, it can help you recovery faster postpartum and have a calmer baby. This course starts you on your journey to meditation by teaching the fundementals of mindfulness, abdominal breathing, releasing fears, pelvic floor breathing and positive affirmations. Online classes are weekly for 3 weeks in total over ZOOM. Each class is one hour, half meditation and half theory. There are also check ins between classes to help with any concerns or blockages. One on one support with me is available at any time.  This class can also be booked in person at your own home. 

Online $60

In Person $200

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