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Birth Doula Package


Having a birth doula is the most complete support you can get! We meet several times throughout your pregnancy to cover your birth wishes, comfort measures, stages of labour, hypnobirthing, breastfeeding, newborn care and postpartum recovery.

During your labour, I am with you and your birth partner for hands on support and coaching. 

Plus, I am available by phone or text whenever you need. Choosing me as your birth doula gives you access to one on one informational, physical and emotional support. 

$1100.00 CAD

Calm Birth Meditation

Meditation has amazing physical, mental and emotional benefits during pregnancy and birth. Plus, it can help you recovery faster postpartum and have a calmer baby. This course starts you on your journey to meditation by teaching the fundementals of mindfulness, abdominal breathing, releasing fears, pelvic floor breathing and positive affirmations. Online classes are weekly for 3 weeks in total over ZOOM. Each class is one hour, half meditation and half theory. There are also check ins between classes to help with any concerns or blockages. One on one support with me is available at any time.  This class can also be booked in person at your own home. 

Online $60

In Person $200

Postpartum Support

Postpartum Support services I offer include:

-breastfeeding support

-tips for colic and gas

-info and support with bottles and formula

-sleep - ages 0-5 years

-chores like housekeeping, laundry, decluttering, dishes, etc. 

-meal preparation and menu planning

-newborn or toddler care

-care for your recovery after birth

-emotional support 

-managing negative emotions/tantrums

-potty learning 

-house cleaning and organizing

$25+ per hour depending on the service type. 

TENS Machine Rental

Rent a top of the line TENS Machine for your labour. The MAMA TENS are designed specifically for birth. They have 4 extra large pads which are placed on your back during early and active labour. The electronic plusing is soothing and safe for you and your baby. It helps to block the pain from your contractions as well as helping your body release endorphins. A TENS machine can help you avoid pain medications and unnecessary interventions. It can also help shorten your labour by promoting muscle relaxation and a calmer emotional state. 

$85 for a 4 week rental  

Private Prenatal Classes

Learn how to have a healthy and safe pregnancy, birth and postpartum. With nearly 10 years of experience and training in labour and birth, I love to share my knowledge. We meet in your home to cover pregnancy, stages of labour, coping during labour, medical interventions, pain medications, breastfeeding and postpartum recovery. Classes are 4-8 hours in length and can be split in to multiple sessions. We can also customize the material to cover your questions and unique experiences. Your birth partner will feel more prepared and confident to support you during labour as well! 

$150 - $250 based on class length


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