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Help! Gassy Baby Alert!

Lots of babies have gas and/or spit up troubles in the first year. I have becoming somewhat of an expert at treating and preventing abnormal amounts of gas, colic and spit up. Friendly reminder: your baby will probably never be gas free. And just like camels, babies spit. Here are my favourite tricks and videos for caring for a gassy baby.

1. Feed baby with their head higher than their bum.

2. Feed baby so you are making eye contact.

3. Burp baby 2-3 times during a feeding.

4. Make sure baby is eating for 20 mins, if they eat faster than that it can irritate their stomach.

5. Feed them the appropriate amount of milk based on their age. Don’t push them to finish a bottle if they seem done.

6. Feed your baby every 2-4 hours or 8-12 times per day. Eating smaller meals more frequently helps with gas.

7. Check your baby’s latch. There mouth should be open wide and lips flanged out on the breast or bottle.

8. Listen to your baby’s swallows. If you hear a clicking or gulping sound they may have trapped air bubbles

9. Use the right size nipple for your baby’s age. Do not use the single use nipples more than once.

11. Keep your baby upright for 15mins after a feeding. You can do this by walking them around, baby wearing or sitting them up in a swing or lounger.

12. Try to feed your baby when they wake up instead of when they are going to sleep. It’s ok to top them up for sleep, but a big meal before lying down can upset their tummy.

14. Try the I LOVE YOU massage once per day. It helps with sleep and pooping too.

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