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Vitamin D and your Baby

We all need vitamin D to help regulate calcium and phosphorus in the body. It also plays a role in maintaining proper bone structure. This is important right from birth for your baby. Experts recommend that your baby get 400ui of vitamin D daily. There are many brands of liquid vitamin D available at most grocery stores, health food stores and pharmacies. Look for one that is concentrated, flavorless, and 400ui strength.

There are many ways to give your baby oral vitamin D. For newborns it is often easiest to put a drop on a clean finger or pacifier and let them suck it off. It's not recommend to add vitamin D or any medication to their bottle, just incase they don't drink all the milk. You can also put a drop on your nipple before nursing, but this can get messy and hard to make sure they latch before it runs off!

For older babies, adding a drop of vitamin D to a small puff or rusk can be easiest. Once your baby has teeth, you may not want to put your finger in their little shark mouth! Adding the vitamin D to a small bite of food ensures they take it all, which is important to get the full benefits.


Did you know YOU should be taking vitamin D too? Adding a supplement of 1000ui per day is recommended for all adults, especially in Northern latitudes.

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